May 7, 2017

Reading & Launch

With Haeler Echo, New York

December 25, 2015

Aurelia Guo, Home Intruder Edition



To all my friends

Cover image: Aurelia Guo, 2015

Aurelia Guo is an artist and writer living in Melbourne. She has recently published poetry in Codette, The Fanzine, Imperial Matters. Forthcoming chapbook with After Hours, Ltd coming in 2016.

December 11, 2015

Harry Burke, Brackets


Launch, Press, Info

Publishing House and Spork Press present the dual launch of Brackets (Publishing House, 2015) by Harry Burke and Literally Dead (Spork Press, 2015) by Sophia Le Fraga.

With readings by Mónica de la Torre, Kim Rosenfield, Harry Burke, and Sophia Le Fraga

Location: 114 East 57th Street, New York NY 10022

Date: Friday, December 11, 2015, 8pm


The author is grateful to the editors of the following journals, blogs and publications in which excerpts from Brackets are forthcoming or have appeared: Arachne, Codette, Deadlines and Divine Distractions, Wonder

Thanks also to Sophia Le Fraga, Ben Fama, Andrew Durbin, Julien Ceccaldi, Samia Mirza, Holly White, Sadaf H. Nava, Aurelia Guo, Rózsa Farkas and everyone else

Cover image: Julien Ceccaldi, still from Furry Binding, 2012

Harry Burke is the author of two ebooks of poetry, Brackets (Publishing House, 2015) and, in collaboration with the architect Alessandro Bava, City of God (Version House, 2014) and has edited the poetry anthology I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best (Test Centre, 2014).

November 10, 2015

Harry Burke b2b Sophia Le Fraga, b2b



Harry Burke b2b Sophia Le Fraga
b2b, 2015
environmentally friendly twine, banana paper (courtesy EcoPaper), bracket, excerpts from Sophia Le Fraga, Literally Dead (Spork Press, 2015) and Harry Burke, Brackets (Publishing House, 2015)

Unlimited edition of 61. Purchase: $10 per sheet + p&p, or $2000 for whole set of 61, signed and guaranteed no future editions circulated.

#b2b #b2bb #bb2bb #broadside2broadside #back2brackets #back2back #literallyb2b

First exhibited in Belated Soul, curated by Quintessa Matranga, at Pretty Days, Brooklyn.

Image: courtesy Harry Gould Harvey IV and Pretty Days.

With thanks to Spork Press, EcoPaper, Quintessa Matranga, and Gregory Kalliche, Pretty Days.

November 20, 2013

Random House


With Arcadia Missa, London

Publishing House publishes text
in experimental forms

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