B.A.D. #1 - #MIXTAPE

Diana Hamilton, Lorraine O'Grady, Diamond Stingily, Sarah Ortmeyer, Penny Goring, Christopher LG Hill, Katherine Botten, Quintessa Matranga, Laura Marie Marciano, Ashley Angelus Ashley, Aurelia Guo, Rin Johnson, Whitney Claflin, Manuel Arturo Abreu, Hamishi Farah, Michele D'Aurizio & Nathaniel Wolfson, Jameson Fitzpatrick, Caspar Heinemann, Matthew Linde, Ian Hatcher, Sophia Le Fraga, Devin Kenny, Amalia Ulman, Perros Negros, Shiv Kotecha, Sophie Jung, Kim Rosenfield, Sam Riviere, Ana Božičevič, Annie Rose, Dena Yago, Égdar J. Ulloa, Zac Segbedzi

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Works off Paper at SALTS, Birsfelden, June 16 – August 28, 2016. For more information click here

"All She Owned" was originally recorded for and released on the LP Crystal Flowers (Mathew-Rec, Berlin, 2012), which transposed poems by Florine Stettheimer into song or other vocal interpretation. With thanks to Nick Mauss and Mathew-Rec for permission to republish. More information here

"Algunas Bestias - Pablo Neruda" was originally produced for an exhibition of Galería Chilena at Perros Negros, Mexico City, 2008. More information here