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Sera Serpas’ book will spin circles around you. You will acquaint yourself with her language, and you will have to let go of always knowing. You’re going to understand how many things (bodies) a line can become while still remaining a line. (What can we discover when we let ourselves dissolve into another?) You might remember that time collapses in on itself while you read or look or digest or determine. (How many walls must we look into until until we find a mirror?) You will realize that within the opacity of her spinning forms, her language, there is some room she has kindly left for you. (When do we dissolve into ourselves?) I am certain you will find comfort in this space. I imagine in her inner wanderings you might find an echo similar to the sound of your own voice. (In this puddle are we able to finally reflect the depths within us, living?) Reach your hands out into the formed abyss of another, scroll for solace and then repeat.
– Rin Johnson

Sera Brandon Castro Serpas
amores perros (Publishing House, May 2017)
e-book, 100 pages

sera is a doge
she has her tongue out most of the time
she smells like chanel chance
give her work a chance
lines delineate the alien and tran
as do string of thought
wet via my toungue
i act like a model im
actually an arsonist
sculptures are the closest i come
to self harm & exercise
if youre reading this ive
read you


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