;           ;

For ___

Cover image: Julien Ceccaldi, still from Furry Binding, 2012.


(Brackets open’d:
She's typing : )
     Brackets like i   kiss you thru the
((*& !
Hey h____
.... Ok thanks bye!
            I'm an angel and I #die sometime
I love it when I _ you why :(

xxx heheheeh

:((( !

Brackets like:
sshhhutup wqee___!
You fuck up rite inside me
u get up like: #nolie

This is def gonna be us this summer
I want you with __
my whole life: yours to try.


Gentrification of the Mind ur own fucking business bitch
i miss u like i love uu
          <iiii)Tell me what to do>
honey iiiiiii

ok but r u leaving *bye


[music plays]
[advert] love can’t last that long tho Nyway

fast moving 21st century network lifestyle
do you like my poetry?
harry was moving around the city
“harry” was thinking about love
sometimes we’re all stuck in transit
networks migrating
it’s not really my life anyway it’s yours.
what can i say
this is my best way of talking to you +
i just spend money on fashion and food
markets are confusing anyway
felicia #grexit #baii not qt
Firefox can't find the server at
Problem loading page, server not found
ok i guess Fine
do you remember the party last night
it’s nice here out of the sun
it’s nice being generous to other people and other things
i’m thinking of julien ceccaldi
look at this picture of regen projects I’m looking at
i like housing when it’s built to the scale of dreams
bizarro bar opposite my bizarro lifestyle house
didn’t think the world would last that long tho anyway
:+ glad i manage to catch up w u before it end
these are the thoughts on my mind right now

ok hunny, bye


me-n-u like ]}
      xx hehe  ;)


this is the bed of us
omg the bass dropped
i'm hot like the fuck of us

what it all boils down to is evaporation; (you in the bed of us in a white lace top wearing only your earring now this is a whisper this is wow
perfect decking
only sandals
private island
wet like the skin of us would it be wrong if i hot like the both of us made us it's a boat and it's not on a lake it's in the palms of us wow
/it's a private lagoon now;)
imagine perfect perzzpiration poem yesterday i wasn’t with you i was watching you broadcast i was imagining the bed of you i was being the boyf of you i was in your boyfriend’s house my eyes are glitching how >< // this is just the bed of us hot like the heat of us imagine
their consummation, the most immediate moment an envelope is licked, goodbye
the first letter of every word is you

(the fact that we live in a world where clouds can be calculated in their full randomness and then made to appear on our screens) and every deep relationship grants you full access to the Other, previously unknown files.

favourite person, with the best possible filename of <3.jpg in my mind(/body/subjectharddrive(soul))


write me some time

[time passes] [#requiredreadingbitch]

brackets close
the bar’s shut this is def gonna be the best summer. i’m so sad and stressed without you, sigh
:P :0************

all you say that day is ‘hi’

this is definitely gonna be the last summer _nolie
[bold:] *is that a tear in your eye?

brackets us together in bed the springs in the bed r brackets )))))
Mammoth Park springs ))

This is us for the rest of our life_ #nodie:

l♡ve letters

Well a) i’m dependent on you

b) luh u

c) i miss uuu

d) i luhh uuu

b negotiates with a
a is like, hey
bb go away


love’s no a-c-a-bidet.







crysis like:

poem like

POEM is a portrait of u
“ahh this is that miami breezE” lefraga
ilove that miami breeze lefraga
but THIS is a portrait of u
                                    ]]]]] super smile: :)))))))))))))

[advert] [some music *playy] hiii

Short poem

Woke up like: I can't even

Confessional poem like: hi

Ability to speak like: literally me af

Poem like: Why


im sad
i miss_
u there

I feel so proud of you
2 abortions isnt

Well tell that bitch to sell

no like bitch i fell 😯

Cant belive i :p

no we didn jus
u interrupt this group chat w a poem
big group chat in a tent
i guess that’s l1fe !


r1 is so

Im like


^literally us!

h_._._b that’s my handle

lol brackets
ok we talk
yhyh wna tlk u too

lol kissu bu i missu :*

yeh this was a hard and stupid chat

LOLK Thats enough now for a day tho anyway


aren’t special
hurt :(
feels kinda shitty

like i’m like



Boys should only cry in front of other boys.
Love doesn’t have an IP address
Love won’t tell you its user profile
Boys should be silent with nice face and cute eyes.

Boys should hold each other’s hands and the world
*He was homophobic but was made homophonic*

Boys look best with each other in their throats
Love is an outdated protocol
Boys look best through their eyes.)))☆☆☆☆


i'm looking up pictures of myself wondering
how people meet. I'm holding up last year
against this, i've progressed. I'm somehow
in another city.

Somone once told me that when two hands clasp together
it's prayer. I've given up holding your hand and
I've given up praying.

I haven't felt belonging in a long time.


u put the me in meaning,
I meannn, u put the meaning in me.


Shots fired

Shots fired me
Fucking shots
Now I don't have a job.
Joan rivers died. Ana said to me
I don't know what she did but whatever she did she was relentless,
At least she did it well.
Typically, I'm walking around the east village.
Work is like writing a poem, once
you start you just wanna get out of it, but
U wanna get out of it well.
I didn't turn up to this poem today.
Shots fired.

Shots fired

New york is like you're the main character in every movie
My movie sucks.
CapitalConceptualism is like you're the main character in every poem

I read 254 bleecker street on my phone, so I head there.
It's on stanton and suffolk, walk up essex turn
right at suffolk.
I think of the image of a rubbish dump, I
imagine dice on a rubbish dump, I think
why should a dice die?
A story is a way of drawing an idea.
Why should you construct a face like u
construct an idea.
What does it mean by your face looks like a picture.
I look at my phone it says “Art that looks like art
or art that deconstructs how art looks” as if
this was a choice or a note or a command.

I *vomit*, and turn around, a man in superman costume
is looking at me, a superman with a belly. I'm in Times
Square, I leave, eat pizza, on the Lower East Side, now
I'm walking around the Lower East Side. Someone asks
me, can you make pictures out of numbers and rules
I say I don't think exploitation is poetry but it can be.
There's a party that I'm missing, which I'm sad about.
What is the image of a rubbish dump, and how
can you distinguish that from a rubbish dump?
I don't think explanation is poetry.

I think about my friend who's in LA, who's taking
a picture of my other friend, who's in LA.

I dismiss it.
It strikes me, as I lie here, alone, that I'm really in love
but what are you gonna to do a girl when she's down,
and as tired as me?

What happens when the poem starts disintegrating.

Quotation marks appear:

“It strikes me that if poetry is a grand metaphor for something
then that something's not this but it's by definition something
else that can't be reached let alone imagined, if we mean by
imagine to make an image of. Poetry is failure
no doubt.
I don't think imagination is poetry.”

A thought appears, and rings in my ears.

Ahh ;)))

Shots fired me. Fucking shots. Now I don't have a job.


(Brackets open:
She's typing : )
im like : gurlidieeeee
im like: you turn me inside out ur tung is fieee
kk cu yhyh bai :)

Have you ever thought how brackets are just lie ....



the poem was like hi
I haven’t found anyone I like being with yet
I was like
forget it

the poem was like
the way the sun falls down the sides of mirrored buildings
I was like

your love was like
I haven’t found anyone I like being with yet

your love was like

Brackets shhhhhhhh
and im on the train meanwhile HI
U r perfect exercise
U r perfect group DM
Ur nearly night, dont alite 🔥
ur i fuckin lu, almost right

Brackts are like ... not watching shhhh


(Lets video some time)

I just cant with u
When     u just _cant_ with u2

Brackets fyyyiii!!! when u go and u know
Brackets imissualready2
Brackets Picture this: house for two.
Im not even sure :( the future wants that bu :(

Caption: ---> im over u.
hii key iluuu
it’s an (architexture) room 44meenuuuuu

Brackets smdhhhhhhiiii


                         , u___U

Brackets painted in!
Brackets baby
Blew :(

This is all we got left: you.

Heart poem
itsa(i)love(this)poem zooooooo(mmmmmm)

Happy birthday
Im glad i spent it

Hi Jk
To participate ≠ to consent, for certain interest groups
Im glad i ___ w u

Brackets back together now ()

(The world revolving w or w/o u)


hey bb ur heart said “boo”

Brackets im over that too

U be my nicki

Graffiti poem

U be my music video
U b my ♡
U b my ☆
I’m like: see
Ur like: ur eyes r in me :)
We’re like : twins 👭
Tfw: in 🙋
:#Metaphors are an important aspect
of vision. Words r the things
we carve into the soil, the soil is the soul.ahhhh:
M u (sic) I see u urrrr ;)
Mmm u sic u → call me 📱 👋




you put the d in descriptive
you put the d in discretion
you put the d in digits
you put the d in down
you put the d in the US Department of Defense
you put the d in David
you put the d in ordinary
you put the d in stoned
you put the d in despite...
you put the d in dangerous
you put the d in download
you put the d in tired
you put the d in expired
you put the d in, daughter
you put the d in daily
you put the d in dirty!
you put the d in D’angelo
you put the d in Do The Right Thing
you put the d in diptych
you put the d in dongle
you put the d in dignity
you put the d in, definitely
you put the d in damaged
you put the d in derived
you put the d in Dappy
you put the d in the dictionary
you put the d in diablo
you put the d in downtown
you put the d in Madmen
you put the d in mood lighting
you put the d in like desperate
you put the d in the French for desire
you put the d in doppelganger
you put the d in deputy
you put the d in bad
you put the d in sad
you put the d in Detroit
you put the d in DC
you put the d in delicately
you put the d in diva
you put the d in beard
you put the d in do 1
you put the d in discover
you put the d in disc slot
you put the d in HD
you put the d in Dis
you put the d in [redacted]
you put the d in delivery
you put the d in HARDCORE
you put the d in need
you put the d in stud
you put the d in Dee Dee
you put the d in group DM
you put the d in draft
you put the d in Dragon’s Den
you put the d in Dre
you put the d in dragrace
you put the d in drop dead gorgeous
you put the d in dildo
you put the d in derivatives
you put the d in drunk
you put the d in STD
you put the d in if you’re reading this it’s too late
you put the d in “wanna go back to my paddd?”

you put the d in me :)

(some time)

[says goodbye]

End prisons
End borders
End money
Thnx b to ___









Reading is Fundamental

Roses are read
I’m like, Fuck roses
roses not like you

Roses are dead.
Love’s like, that’s what I said.
I’m like, loll biitch fucku

Love’s like, why
And I’m like,,, theres clouds in the sky.

Then love is like:
Hi. Bye.
i’m like lol ok goodbye

London, 2014 – New York City, 2015. Publishing House.