love songs are kind of abstracted to me because of how my life was is … SHRUGS
keep thinking I should do something but nah
just want something to soften the edges of my distress
selfish spiteful mornings and suffocating silent nights
Weird is better than all them other fuckrrs who aren't you
keep thinking I should do something but nah
Everything is best Because you Because me
arse piece *giggle*
Stretched out again Like a long legged goose Or something
Greedy pig life
I’m gonna watch tv now and try not to think about anything ever
i was panicking that i was forgetting what you look like
Poking wounds with rusty spoons
I hate myself But all my demons are my own
Existential dieting
My sofa Saturday Sockless and serene A Buddhist calm A pitbull grin
Does nothing - shocker!
Garden of ugh
Sweating is far too polyester abhorrent Lightly perspiring Awaiting correspondence
silently screaming and contorting myself into awful shapes
I’m tired and I’ll forget but damn. Shit is fuckedup
nothing happened though i have to recover like something did
ppl with fewer feelings and nothing In common get married all the time