Everything dusty Springfield or dusty bin
Garden of ugh
I tell the truth against my nature or with you the daylight sneaks in
Does nothing - shocker!
Greedy pig life
Existential dieting
My corner shop only sells cancer and concrete
I’m tired and I’ll forget but damn. Shit is fuckedup
A day of thinking of being touched and not wanting to be touched Saturday A day
My mind destroys worlds Have some
i was panicking that i was forgetting what you look like
delayed response because couldnt remember how to reply
keep thinking I should do something but nah
So sweet yes Honeycomb bones
selfish spiteful mornings and suffocating silent nights
Stretched out again Like a long legged goose Or something
Stretched out again Like a long legged goose Or something
Need my monk prison death sentence haircut back
nothing happened though i have to recover like something did
just want something to soften the edges of my distress
Big soft pig cushion
I do want to add cooking to the very short list of thing I do which consists of basically sleeping and worrying
I can’t hardly breathe in daylight
Sweating is far too polyester abhorrent Lightly perspiring Awaiting correspondence