Australia 2015
Two inches of pain
College girl looking to rent best friend
Women in rapture
Have a choice but don’t want one
Sliding off the chair and wouldn’t stop talking
Felt a kinship with the early Christian martyrs
Dogs of war

You need to start "playing the role" of a stable person
Yes. I've gone from a passive victim to an active being.


I want someone to push me on the floor
and hold me there

Zeffirelli romeo and juliet

Being blamed for something that is not your fault
Upsets child's sense of injustice

correlation≠causation. So ready to give my information. Yes,

You see the general principle behind specific occurrences
Rational actor theory
the provincial girl
Beautiful girl privilege---
Ur smile and ur laughter

Lost her notes
Tell all memoir
U and ur hubris

The corpse of beauty is also beautiful

No contribution
which is not necessarily artistically better or more aesthetically accomplished than any other artefact
Confused by people who call Kim Kardashian untalented. U taught me all
Worse to cancel than not commit

Exhaust the sample
Let’s take a break forever

Withhold approval that's what it takes
He's having a weird day. And I'm not leaving my house anymore
I am a weak person
Want to charge my phone but I can't

scared of pain
and my ability to go deep is really limited right now.

Yea, I walk through the valley of death
And I get changed in my car

Silk Road founder gets life in prison
Uber won't let its drivers carry guns anymore...........

As can be linear without being compelling
The question being can this go on?

Found in car. Thin and anemic with less blood.
Our lifelong collaboration......................

Playing innocent and victim

Like having a friend
Without the sound of your voice
Which I hate

Broadly defined. Which I hate
HE said he was not clean. Which I hate

U work on being a better person. Shame being more useful. Someone who cares
Which I hate.
Machine that wipes selected memories
Looks like my 2012 ex and isn’t like my 2015 ex
Snakeskin pants and leather

1 medium head of red cabbage

Chicken, yoghurt, lemon, burghul ---- Cooking For Artists

'Lets make our vulnerability unmanageable'
'When I have my own apartment'

Kill urself at my house
Cos I don’t want to write just want to book flights
And won’t go home to pack
Raped by NBA players
Animal of vicious character has separated from the main herd and leads a solitary life
As we say humans have free will and cannot predict what they will do
Too good for my friends. So we go

Home clean nice familiar safe & my own jurisdiction as my body

Do you want to know what torture is?      Come with me and see Salo. Yes,
If it happens in real life why not show it in a movie?
big fall i end ur Life

hence the terroristic imagination that dwells in all of us

As we say humans have free will and cannot predict what they will do

Controlling the world from between my legs

Sex is War I Love It

gEt out of my world
Aurelia Guo
Publishing House