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Bunny Rogers

dad sword

ceramic black butterflies
ceramic blue herons
ceramic grey swans

Gabby Bess


On our first date I thought about
the gradual expansion of everything
imperceptibly spilling over
the infinite sides into more everything
Like the universe was a cup
that was sitting on a table
that was a cup, like,
metaphors are just cups
stacking into each other, like,
my body is cup and your body is a cup
but who is drinking
all of this water?

On our first date I thought about
the gradual expansion of my solitary life
and how everyone in movies dances
in the kitchen,
though the accordion
is very rarely utilized
in contemporary music

On our first date I mimicked the hands
of someone who is not myself
for comedic effect
And in the diner we sat
moving our shoulders, constrained
Laughing, constrained
and the lighting
didn’t do us any favors

I reached down
to squeeze the wedge of the lime
deep into the beer can – it squirts
I pointed up
to bring your attention
to the painting on the ceiling

Here, I said
My fingers are more prolific
than the boarded up fireplace
I tapped the napkin
and adjusted the angle
of the fork that went unused
I touched
the rim of my beer
touched the rim of my beer
touched the rim of my beer
My nervous hands pointed up
to bring your attention
back to the painting on the ceiling
and when we looked again
it was more beautiful

Please be in awe of this
Please fall in love
with my nervous hands

How do I get off
of this roof
is what I asked repeatedly
to try to get to you
from the other side
of the table
I just kept
using words
and sputtering gestures
Here & here &
I was emphatic
when I asked you,
Did you know that I am friends
with the greatest minds of my generation?
On the blank spaces between the art
hanging in the Gagosian, why not
put our poems there?
Or, consider, a miniature poodle?

But in your bed
when you asked me
to do what I like to you
I could only think of
the last day of earth
when watermelons
have plump, black
seeds again

When you asked me why I must
turn everything into a story,
I imagined the expansion
of all the men who had
asked me this in bed before
but I had an answer this time:
Anything that is amusing
and distracting from death
is worth doing

And I gently reminded you
that perceiving the point
when wakefulness turns
to sleep is difficult
so I just try to do what I can
and in this it is important
to consider the shadow
that formed under your chin
& up across the tops
of your cheeks

Consider the spiraling
wire fence strung
above mud
that the army
crawls under
looping for 10
until gone

Ok, I will just tell you:
In the painting you can view
an image of ships passing
through teeth;
a whited-out
family crest

But if you must consider art
also consider airplanes:
Do you ever think about
the hundreds of people
calmly reading magazines and eating
complementary bags of pretzels
thousands of feet above our heads?

If you must consider art
also consider that it is
sometimes important to make
extreme efforts
to maintain illusions
Jacob Steinberg

Extract from "2013, A Good Year To Rob Me"

2013: A good year to buy a gun.
2013: A good year to shut down the government.
2013: A good year for you to break my heart.
2013: A good year to rob me.

They robbed me of my poems. They robbed me of my translations. They robbed me of videos and music
and a collection of dick pics that would make Ginsberg weep. They didn’t distinguish between the poems
that were completed or the ones in progress. They didn’t know the difference between the good ones or
the bad ones. They didn’t know the difference between the ones that were meaningful and the ones I
would forget. They didn’t know. They didn’t know. But they robbed me of my poems. Yes, they robbed
me of my poems.
Deanna Havas


Stephen Michael McDowell

poetry ebook titled 'tao lin'

Joe Waller


Dating, Sex dating.
Length of dating patterns in china. Dating revealer.
Service christian dating.
Carbon dating and half life, dating sim.
Anton Cassandra Cesar Gamalinda Gillig

Cars 2: A Dialogue

I. Longinus

I was not because I am hard
struck with dropsy in the
summer. When I thirsted
your boy looked slated and slaked
another tongue. I learned licked
not to thirst anymore. Take
from me a pretentious bouquet
of becoming. My rock was always
rigid present for the striking and to
encourage fountains. If I say it
then it’s true. I mean it
when I fountain the “but! but!”
and suffer their what
well­-placed hate to be true­­--
only, I wield Occam’s Razor
to manipulate wider audiences
so that if you should hear me
I know you will surely call my name?

II. Vaginus

Stil-l­life in the process of becoming
predicklection fucking me with
authority’s keyboard all through my
mouth the motorboard I was sucked
with poppy-­seed false positives in
the summer. Watch how I fuck:
so well. When they called
me goyim I learned they, too,
made the signs for us to draw
penises on and slender art for you
lacked another tongue to stick out
and suck with. The Rock was always
there for me. Bobby Boucher was
there, too, I remember the Rock slaked with
hair splayed through my fingers like
indicktrinated items. Suffer the butt
to be true. If I say it then
I mean it, if I mean it then
it’s true. I mean, the fountain was
always your stream. And they say
“mhm, mhm” and nod their heads. Take
it from the me that saw Spiderman
fight Doctor cOcktopus in Spiderman 2--­­
action scenes grant audience with
capitulation when placed well. Ask the rock
that I am and don’t call me forever

III. Longinus
with dick in hand

The wind perchance today blew
me and through the hair on my
better head. Amen.
Candid on the silver
muse in muslin skin
pulled taut and threaded through
my abdomen while sexly
between these cheeks
anything bends wildly.
The chorus:
was not this
the cheek
I bent? It was,
I said.

IV. Vaginus

Happy Birthday, dearest Cecily!
Happy Birthday, Jack! Happy Birthday,
illustrious movie star Cecily! Cecily my
cousin! Happy Birthday, sunset light!
Happy Birthday, Celine Dion! Celine! Dion!
Happy Birthday, butt that thus far has served me! Hap­-
py Birthday, ailing waist! Happy Birthday, butt
that thus far has served me so waste
satisfactorily! Happy Birthday, bed
that Aunt Cecily died in! Happy
Birthday, Julie! Happy Birthday, Hail
the victorious dead! Happy Birthday,
dead Pablo Picasso! Happy Birthday,
butt that thus far has only served me!
Happy Birthday, windowsill plant! Happy
Birthday, Gertrude! Happy Happy
Birthday, Gertrude! Happy Happy
Happy Birthday, Gertrude Stein Stein!
Happy Birthday nothing! Not every-­
one takes that fact kindly!

V. Longinus

I never said it was my birthday
but I never say never
Even if we only go
To my house
I know you
Want to

VI. Vaginus
O! Stallion!

Window my ass

I will it

Thank you
Megan Rooney

Visualizing Your Wonderful Day Ahead

Rachel Lord


“It would be so easy for the two of us to fall in love,"
And this without remembering my face or seeing, once, my paintings.
“I know so, so many other writers who—you know, indulge,
their every whim. I always try to do what’s best for everyone
involved, what’s good. You know,
the Right thing.”
You said.
When prompted with threat of Valentine,
“I learn from suffering. And, you know,
I’m simply far too old for you,—more-so,

The Human cost is just to great.”

Is this something you sat up to contemplate,
finally? I mean, I hold back constantly
For I’d be a fool to let you know
that I dream about you nightly now:
Cat-like, I,
in your lap lightly
Reading at your feet
While, dreaming all this
Up next to you,
in bed, asleep.

“It would be so easy for the two of us to fall in love,"
you said again whilst playing footsie,
over beef bolgogi. I met you in the lobby, but,
left my briefcase
of gifts in your room,
as it was awkward and heavy. And anyway,
you had to take your tie off. It was pink.

Where’s your ring?
“I don’t wear jewelry.” You said,
“but yes, I am married.”

Later you took my bow off, it was pink.
Nina Cristante


"I've been chanting on the dancefloor"
"I tell you. Let's have an healing session next sat, I can give you vortex and I'd
like to get some crystals going"

I have this app that tells me how much money I'm saving every time I don't smoke a cigarette. I've already saved 4 grands.

This girl walks close to the shop, she's outside. She bangs on the window loud. "Fuck you bitch, come out, you fucking bitch."
She's clearly talking to this fat bleached blond nightmare that is inside Mother Earth. She's a friend. A friend of Karla. Karla's
garden and natural remedies. She sprays something in the air but not on your face. Just the aura around you. Lower chakras involved
and stimulated to perfection. Fat bleached keeps talking.
The girl outside is with a friend and they are both very angry. Kinda bad girls club angry. She wants to fight. Mum intervenes
and Karla does too. The fat nightmare is uncomfortable. She denies knowing them. The bad girls def know her and think she deeply
offended them.
Probably racist.

The fat bleached is still shaking from it. She's talking now. Laughing nervously.

"There is a strange energy in the air, it must be the sun storm."
"Did you feel strange before this happened?"
"I'm trying to remember if I felt strange since before it happened."
1st world problems and everything has a reason and I def need to find it out. Karla says in her charming garden of earthly delights:
"spray a bit". Overwhelming energy. Still buzzing.
Meanwhile the girls outside are beating the shit out of the fat bleached; how can they slap, worrying it might be bad karma getting
her back. Karla keeps on spraying but it doesn't seem to be working.

The fat bleached who talks about what's fattening while having one too many lattes is bleeding on the floor and rain is pouring on her.
Petra Cortright

This Story Is About An Overweight Nurse With Credit Card Debts

This is a drama/horror. The story is about a weak secretary searching for justice.

This is a morality tale with an undercurrent of insanity. The story is about a violent rascal with a tendency to 'zone out.'

This is a romantic comedy with a focus on hate. The story is about an unhealthy rat-catcher with a heart of gold. It starts in an apartment complex.

This is an epic about stupidity. The story is about an overweight nurse in credit card debt.

This is a mystery about taking control of one's life. The story is about virtual tourism. It ends on a tropical planet.

This is a nature documentary on the unexpected difficulties technology. The story is about someone putting on make-up.

This is a study-in-contrasts piece on how no one can escape suffering. The story is about how even the smartest person makes mistakes.

This is a rags-to-riches adventure tale. The story is about claustrophobic women with a perfect pedicures.

This is a deconstruction of a classic legend with a strong theme of depression and how life is a tragedy. The story is about a mentally ill female.
Luna Miguel


I don’t know if you know that in the mornings the doorway to our house smells like meat, that the
chicken is piled up in plastic crates on the sidewalk along with its glass container, and that the cows
and lambs wait stretched out on the ground, while some seagull pecks at their apparently dead eye

―I’m telling you this because it no longer disgusts me.

I no longer fear that place where the miniscule
dance in spirals
into each other
celebrating the milk turned over
the flies move towards the garbage
towards the excrement
but they also dance on the meat
form nests in it
they stay there, forever,
in the coagulated hole of its blood.

I don’t know if you know that those cats were beasts who hunt, that those dogs think they’re equal
to man but less fortunate. I don’t know if you know that those men spurn the living daring to adore
unseen icons. The question…
the question…
the question is not What am I doing here
but What do I do Now that they’ve brought me to this place.

There are strings that are dragged along the sidewalk.

―I’m telling you this because it’s irreparable.

Translated into English by Jacob Steinberg
Alex Mackin Dolan

kindness getting difficult

Ilse: Hello : )
How are you feeling today?
I hope you’re doing good and if not or if you just
want to share your thoughts, feel free to do that down below
If you’re feeling good or bad I hope that I can contribute
in making your day a little bit more relaxing in a few hours
: )
I love you sweeties and the way how you feel is important to me.

Sylvester: xx back atcha feeling better already

Carrie: As always, I appreciate your gentle touch in my life.
I live in Kansas.
We are stressed out here, but learning to TRUST that everything will be okay.

Rebecca: No not feeling good at all
I know you can't trust anyone
but today I was really let down by a person I thought I could trust a little in
I am totally done with the last bit of faith I may have had in humanity I’m done

Annie: I’m sick today!! : (

Jayson: Rebecca, I know how you feel,
my gf just broke up with me through a freaking text.


Jayson: Well lets both get even and
show everyone we are independent and
love ourselves and
anyone is welcome to love and
respect themselves and others!
: )
Without anger and revenge included lol

Rebecca: No I embrace anger

Peter: Stressed cause i damaged my car
avoiding a reckless driver last night.
Need some soothing.

Fatimah: I’m a bit down. Studying for school is bothering me,
financial aid is bothering me,
and I’m worrying about someone
else in a similar situation.
I have a slight immunity issue.
Not too many people around for hugs either
: (
so you are all i have to rely on
This is for today,
I have general life issues.
The main one being staying healthy/eating healthy
(I emailed you about my issue already).
Mentally, I’m still struggling…
and it makes me more likely to stay at home.
The good part is…
no one close to me is dead
or physically injured.
My own thoughts are just concerning me.

Brendan: I’m sick in bed today :( but otherwise good

Lina: Feeling heavy hearted…

Ascher: Today has been a good day, thank you for asking.
Sophie Collins


The church, she was smallish,
somewhat threatening.
She did the usual,
stayed absolutely still,
availed every day,
showed aplomb,
was able bodied.

But baby, her tattered knots,
her body like a guiding symbol—
they killed the weekend
and never paid on time.

Additional difficulties
were sections of regret.

Let’s scratch a different layer.
Holly Childs

When I was grabbing for my phone in the dark I saw blue flashes
and I saw rainbows in the pale blue shaving gel by the sink in your bathroom

A blueberry bagel the colour of wet concrete
Smurfs r so French
Tonifying rosewater spray

Wine selectors Ponzi scheme for alcoholics
Dyson airblade in the bathrooms
A fluoro orange airplane pillow

If ur a bike courier u will get hit, that’s a statistical fallacy
Texting from an airplane on acid
The frigid test

In this town cellular phones are hot with teens
Gusacci bag in Tigerairways baggage claim zone
Feeling my new collarbones on the Skybus

Cunts touching and kissing like they have tongues of their own and they’re in love
I hope you don’t screw like you type
A wake-up call for the Nintendo generation

A girl with a lisp from piercing her own tongue
The hottest exchange student had burns and bruises all up her inner thighs
Friday night late night shopping

Metallic blue Converse one stars
When you talk it turns into bubbles in my brain, like San Pell, like rain
16th @ 2pm Dr Skinner

I’m sorry, but everything goes in
I got so good at icing-out charity muggers that now they’re always crying
Cop who loves Drake pirates Drake

My dad didn’t come from anywhere and his genes won’t live on past his children
Pro-creatives don’t need to fuck to make love I mean art
Editing eyes closed for the whole world to see the baby

Look they took a name like Fruitopia changed it to Duff and turned the whole thing chunky
U guys r actually fooled by tilted hats?
Write every issue into the body of the text

Secrets embedded in track changes, done in whoopsy-daisy patois, baby talk, internet valspeak
We type each other’s typos
A dream told me to check the inanimate face-shapes around me and make sure they’re not scary or angry
Eileen Myles


63 years into my light I'm in a show that may or may not be true
it’s currently being shot in Italy yeah you're in it about a poet
I don't think you can buy it tho sometimes I wish you could and it’s just
going to end and that's pretty much the shape of it. Sounds good? She's just
going to get up and make some coffee. Bird tweeting. It's the beginning.
Nightmarish. Yeah I hope not.

There's a light outside the building. She's living in a villa. Seriously.
And every morning when she's making her coffee turns the light on outside when
she’s turning on the light in the kitchen. It stays on all day. Or days at a
time. Feels like a nightlight. When she discovers that she did it again.

Water boils and it's a harmonica which reminds her of her friend in New
Mexico had one of these. It was a gift from a girlfriend who later revealed
herself to be a walkin. Later her friend killed herself.

This is the very last coffee from NY & weirdly it doesn't taste so good.

If this was my life I would love someone.

Her girlfriend calls from the next room  she says no I'm making coffee. She
imagines she wants her to hold her.

It's the end of the coffee from New York  weirdly it's not so good.

The grant she got last year asks for a report. In Italy she got her students to
write looking at a video of her dead pit bull and she did it too so she can tell
them it. That I’m working on it.

She believes in copying the body. She saw her father die when she was a child
and she's been doing it ever since.

All of us admitted in the cab when we were young we wanted to be actors.

I live in the ripeness of being watched. No I live in the

Emma Talbot

Evening Became Night